Vermont lawyer incomes rank 45th in the U.S. with an average lawyer annual compensation of $106,610 in 2018, approximately 2.0 times the average income of all workers in Vermont.

Vermont has 9 federal court houses and 8 state and municipal courts.

Vermont GDP of $34.1 billion in 2018 ranks 50th with a 0.2% share of total U.S. GDP.

Insurance companies in Vermont generated $1.1 billion of revenue in 2017, approximately 0.20% of total U.S. revenue.

Total payments for victims of medical malpractice in Vermont totalled $44.74 million between 2008 and 2019, ranking it 50th in the nation for medical malpractice payments.

In 2018, 111 lawyers took the bar exam and with 65 passing the exam, a pass rate of 58.56%.

Vermont is 1 of 20 states that has no cap on non-economic damages